Lit Up with Love

Gen. 1:3 Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

And so it begins. He flips on the light, light which is the symbol of clarity, understanding, and truth… if we welcome it.  We can choose to live in darkness rather than light, to close our eyes.  Like every other gift of God, he does not force, but only offers.  His grace is rich, but we must open our hearts to it.

He lights up the world with a word: “God said” is the repeated refrain through six days of creation.  He could have waved or thought the universe into being, but he spoke it, an act of communication.  Speaking is a communal or relational act, a self-revelation to another, a point of connection between two persons.  It was not merely a choice, but his very nature for as John says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”  Creation is his love song to us.

Clearly we are the ones he had in mind from the start since he needs no light to see.  It was for our eyes the darkness was lifted.  He thought of us before he spoke the first atom into existence, and he brings us as his audience to this great show.  The creation as well as the Bible, God’s other word, start at the same point, at the beginning, and so we call them both “Genesis.”  His acting word, spoken word, and written word all combine to show us who he is.

And who is he?  The one who brings good out of nothingness.  When he turns on the light, the studio is still a mess.  He does not hide this from us.  “See,” he says, “chaos is here, it seems daunting to you, but I am the one who makes good out of the most unpromising situations.”  The Spirit moves and broods over the broken landscape, and life begins to spring up.  And as we watch, his heart and intentions are proven, and we are given the foundation on which to ground our trust in his character and purposes for us.  We will need that trust, for soon the world will turn dark and foreboding once again.  He is the one who holds our hand in the dark and say, “It will work out, trust me.”

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