When God Is Present

Gen. 1:2 The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.

The medium, the artist, and an infinite imagination.  The earth like a lump of clay sits on the sculptor’s table, so fresh a start to the drama that even the studio light has not yet been turned on, but the Spirit is present, brooding in the dark.  The only bridge between this darkness and the glory to come, this wasteland and the majesty that will result is the Spirit who moves about brooding over his venture. Before day one has started, while all is chaos and confusion, God is present, and that makes all the difference.

God is not “in heaven” looking down on earth, but is there in all the turmoil.  Our God is fundamentally the present one, present in the chaos, brooding in preparation to bring order, meaning, life, connection, all that is good. He is always “God with us” even before the coming of Emmanuel.  He is the one who is always here, wherever here is for us.  He does not come down to give guidance and support and then withdraw again to his throne, but he dwells with us, tangles up his heart in our sorrows and joys, our hopes and fears.  He is not a God apart, but a God closer to us than our own hearts.  We are never alone, never without hope, never forgotten or overlooked however we may feel in the dark and confusion of this life, for God has revealed himself to us as the one intimately present and involved.

The prayer of an honest and confused heart:
God, it doesn’t feel like that to me.  I feel lost and broken, waiting for a deliverance that never comes.  Confusion and darkness I know well, but the good creation doesn’t seem to materialize in my life.  If I am to be wandering in this wilderness for 40 years, teach me how to be at peace and find meaning in the burning sands.

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