Creation Shouts Its Maker’s Praise

Genesis 1:16  God made the two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, and the lesser light to govern the night; He made the stars also. 

The sun and moon govern in the most obvious ways, by setting the parameters for light and darkness, in complete control and without being impacted in the least by anything here on earth.  All influence is one directional, and their influence is overwhelmingly important to life and activity on earth.  They tell the whole world when to rise for the day and when to end the day of toil.  Precise and predictable, they set the parameters for measuring time.  Predictability (i.e. steadfastness) is a fundamental building block of trust, of relationship, and therefore of the flow of grace, which is stifled by distrust.

Jesus himself draws this principle from the sun when he speaks of God making the sun to rise on both the good and bad alike.  It is an image of the character of God.  Grace requires a normative field on which to paint its strokes of goodness, so God must be fundamentally trustworthy and loving before his children can learn to hold onto that trust when confronted with the hurt and misery that life brings.

The sun is so predictable that it is the father of time, the basis on which all our clocks run, the systematization of all society.  Even so, God’s unchanging character is the basis on which all personal and relational movement is grounded.  He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (to put it in solar terms), the fixed star on which we base our own navigation through life, the framework for all truth and understanding.

The stars are mentioned almost as an aside, likely because they have little direct impact on earth, especially as a source of light, but they do far more than both sun and moon in displaying the vastness of the universe, the mystery and immensity that reflects once again the nature of God.  That infinity, power, and limitlessness, and their unchangeability, give us the grounding for our faith since love without power, like a fellow prisoner, can be kind but not saving.

Father, you have created so many physical pictures for us to recognize your character.   The mountains and seas, the trees and fields not only fill us with their beauty, but inspire us to see how they reflect on their creator.  Help me enjoy them not only as a good but as a gift so that my joy turns to gratitude and my pleasure to praise.

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