God Is Light

Genesis 1:13  There was evening and there was morning, a third day.

We’ve reached the third day with light and vegetation but no sun.  God does not need the sun to make light any more than he needs clouds to make water.  The light and dark are just another medium of his artistic creation.  This seems to be his approach—he throws the unordered medium out into being and then shapes it into the good and beauty he wishes—earth, water, and light—just blobs of potential that he plops onto his wheel to spin into magic.  Just as an artist can paint a spruce from the top in “midair” and work it down without the top branches collapsing to the ground, so God can create light without first making the sun.

Everything that is is from his hands whether by established pattern (“the laws of nature”) or in unique action (“miracles”).  Everything in this world is fully dependent on God for its existence, which is to say that everything is a miracle—some miracles, like the rising and setting sun, follow regular patterns, and others, like light appearing with no source, break patterns, but he “upholds all things by the word of his power.”  The way the skin “naturally” heals from a cut is no less astounding than a cancerous tumor disappearing overnight.

It is not that God sometimes intervenes in our lives and at other times is distant and uninvolved–letting things “naturally” run their course.  God is clearly present when life seems to fall in place in unusually apt ways, but he is no less present when we do not see him intervening.  God is always intimately involved in our lives.  When his work in us and around us is not evident, we must cling to him by faith, believing that he is here and supporting us, that his heart is deeply engaged with all our struggles and trials.  Our perseverance by faith through the daily grind is no less the miraculous intervention of God in our lives than the times when we feel his presence and see his hand at work.

Lord, when I am depressed and confused and pray for deliverance but see no answers, my faith falters.  I fear you have left me to figure it out on my own.  How do I learn to trust you when the path down which you have led me is full of pain and suffering?  By your grace, send more light to lift up my weak faith once again.

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