The Water of Life 

Genesis 1:7 God made the expanse, and separated the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so.

The whole water cycle was created by separating the waters above and below.  It is God’s purification system as well as water disbursement system for all living things, that is to say, earth’s circulatory system.  All the effluvia from the earth are dumped into the ocean through streams and rivers, the salinity itself being toxic enough to kill fresh water life, but instead of making the oceans a dead zone, God simply made a different system of salt water life.  In God’s creation, nothing is wasted or meaningless, but each part is beneficial to the whole.  Cow manure becomes fertilizer, dead leaves become mulch, deserts make a nursery for arid plants, and volcanoes birth islands.  It is the nature of grace to take even what is potentially harmful and turn it to good.

We divide God’s creation into desirable and undesirable, but there are no weeds in God’s world, only plants that have good purposes which we don’t value (heirloom roses are a weed if we only want corn).  Eden is gone, but grace keeps the planet breathing, pumping out its water of life to all, and it has indelibly stamped each of us with value, inestimable value, giving everyone a vital role in this life-giving ecosystem of grace.  We can each pour out the love of God onto those around us, be tributaries of his love to the world, for not a single drop of grace we offer is wasted.

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