Into the Likeness of God Himself

Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.

God is one, the only Creator, and yet God is somehow a plurality, an “Us.”  We now look back on this creation story from a full-blown Trinitarian theology, from a church confession of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and it somehow makes sense for us.  Our faith says that God was never unitary, but always a communal being, bonded together in love.  So when he made us in his image, he made us “male and female,” as a pair, partners, those who can communicate, love, share, relate.  Our social, communal nature is not only inherent in us, but rooted in eternity past and in the very nature of God himself.  We cannot be whole alone.

We are truly bonded, but not always by love, so the bond itself can be a joy or sorrow, an encouragement or debilitation, a reflection of God’s image or distortion of it… or more accurately in this fallen world, our bonds are always a mix of these. Love is the one, true, healthy connection with other humans and with God, but sometimes other things draw us together—codependency, lust, mutual enemies, being like-minded in false values or worldviews.  Much of our growth personally and in relationship is a slow discernment and transformation in our understanding of the real essence of love and in merging ourselves into that true path.

It is the image of God, as seen most clearly in his Son, that gives us a vision towards which we direct our lives… not by an effort of imposed will, which always undermines that process, but by embracing, loving, and growing into that vision organically.  It is not conformity, but deep transformation.  Our glorious destiny is to become once again a true reflection of the Living God, the essence of all beauty, goodness, and infinite love.  It is not only our lost past, but will be our certain future, and daily we may live more fully into that image by the indwelling Spirit.  And so the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit draw us into His heart.

Lord, what amazing destiny is ours!  May that hope draw me daily into embracing and sharing a love that is eternal and infinite, that cannot fade or ever lose to this world’s darkness.

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