My name is Janathan Grace.  When Kimberly and I were married in 2007, we took the last name Grace to placard our key life principle that shapes our worldview, personal direction, and relational commitments.  It is a goal, not an accomplishment, a goal towards which we constantly have to reorient ourselves.  We have two dogs, Mazie and Mitts, both mixed breed rescue dogs, the first a white spitz and the second a black rat terrier.  Mazie is short for Amazing and Mitts is short for Limitless, so their full names are Amazing Grace and Limitless Grace.  I think you can detect a theme.

I was born in Japan to missionary parents who have both passed on of old age, and I was a missionary to India for ten years (1990-2000) before setting out on a search to find my life’s purpose.  I am still wandering around looking for signposts that never seem to point to anything relevant, having tried pastoring, social work, librarying, and now sales at Home Depot.  It has been confusing, depressing, hard, and spiritually maturing.  I have another blog where I talk about my life (janathangrace.org), but found that reflecting each day on grace in Scripture has been an important new step in my life, so I started this blog to share those thoughts.